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May 24, 2017 - Building

Straight from the source

Valuable expansions for the I/O system: The new SMI Master and M-Bus Master from WAGO enable direct connection from SMI drives and power consumption meters.

SMI Master – For Direct Connection of Electrical Drives.

A compact design paired with advanced technology. The new 750-1630 SMI Master Module for the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 enables direct connection of electric drives for sun blinds or roller shades, without requiring a level inverter.

In addition to reduced wiring expenses, using the new SMI Master also minimizes other costs: for example, because the module has an integrated power supply, thus an external one is no longer necessary. In addition, a digital output enables temporary switching off of the drives when they are not needed.

The 750-1630 SMI Master is designed for 230 VAC SMI motors; the 753-1631 version can be used with low voltage shade drives (24 V). Up to 16 drives can be connected per module. In addition, the SMI Master offers numerous helpful functions: The “auto-replace” function, for example, allows building operators to replace a defective motor without requiring changes to the configuration or controller program code.

WAGO is also offering a new SMI Configurator for planning and starting up SMI networks: the software can be used to quickly address SMI drives and to accelerate importing and exporting all configured drives.

M-Bus Module – For Direct Connection of Energy and Consumption Meters

Reduce costs, simplify installation, and save space: the new 753-649 M-Bus Master Module directly connects up to 40 M-Bus devices to the I/O system to capture consumption data – without external gateways and level inverters.

Using the new Master module, M-Bus devices can be directly connected to the I/O system (without external gateways or level inverters). Additional cabling is unnecessary. The M-Bus system, based on a master/slave communication model, can be operated as a line, star or tree topology. A WAGO controller with the M-Bus module, which communicates with bus components via 2-wire bus, assumes the role of the master. Up to 40 slaves can be connected per module. The M-Bus transmits data at speeds of 300 to 9600 bps. Regular type J-Y(St)Y N x 2 x 0.8 mm telephone cable, for example, can be used as the M-Bus cabling.

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