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May 24, 2017 - Building

Beating fashion trends with WINSTA®

Flexible Lighting Connections.

The Zinser fashion house in Tübingen is incorporating modernity into its long traditions with the brilliance of 7500 LEDs. In order to carry out the installation of the lights in the shortest possible time, and during normal sales operations, Elektro Kürner GmbH relies on the WINSTA® MIDI Pluggable Connection System from WAGO. This kills multiple birds with one stone. First, the installations can be completed in the exceedingly short time period specified. Second, mismating during installation of the lights is virtually prevented. Thirdly, maintenance of the lights is much easier in the future.

The Zinser fashion house has a long tradition. Founded in 1878 as a ‘general goods store,’ the family-owned corporation now has subsidiaries in Herrenberg, Lahr, Offenburg, Reutlingen, Singen, and Tübingen. The fashion house in Tübingen was originally built in 1976 with 3900 square meters of sales space in the so-called ‘Zinser triangle’, mere steps away from the Neckar river and the Old City. Today, the sales area extends to 9500 square meters. The building has been comprehensively modernized, starting in 2015, and should re-open in September, following a year of construction, with around 11,000 square meters of space. The renovations have taken place floor by floor during normal operations. While parts of the building light up with new brilliance, the conversions shine in other areas as well. In addition to the upgrades, a side construction project was added. This will significantly increase the sales and warehousing spaces.

New Lighting Concept

Over the course of the reconfiguration, the lighting was also completely converted to LED technology. This allows the sales areas to radiate in a more beautiful and brighter light. It also significantly improves energy efficiency. Instead of 35 watts per bulb, the new lights require only 18 watts, thus almost fifty percent less. “Previously, we used the lighting to heat the spaces. Now we actually have to supply heat,” says Davide Castiglione from Elektro Kürner GmbH, the company responsible for building management at the boutique. As the construction supervisor, the master electrician is also responsible for the modernizations in the Tübingen subsidiary and, with his coworkers, implements the lighting upgrade according to the lighting designer’s concept. This includes around 7500 lights that have to be newly installed.

Narrow Time Frame

Time is money in Baden-Württemberg and sales should not be interrupted by the modernization activities. Therefore, the time frame for construction measures is quite narrow. The previously completed work was accomplished in a very short time. Thus, the first products were sold in the newly constructed area three weeks after the topping out ceremony. The renovation of one 4000 square meter area, including part of the old building, could be completed in a mere ten weeks from deconstruction to redesign. The time frame for installing the new lights was even shorter. As soon as the dry wall work was completed, and while the painters were still working, the lines were laid in the false ceiling, and the openings for the lights were already cut. The lamps were connected immediately after the painters finished. “We could never have done this using conventional wiring,” states Davide Castiglione, to whom such demands are old hat. “Everywhere, the work has to be completed faster. Even the component manufacturers have become acclimated to this. Without solutions like the pluggable connection systems from WAGO, we couldn’t keep up.”

Just Plug It In

In Tübingen, Elektro Kürner relies on WINSTA® MIDI from WAGO. Instead of individually wiring 2000 lights per floor, only 30 to 35 subdistributors have to be wired in each story. A distribution box is connected to each one: the only remaining work is to insert the plugs into the sockets. This means that the installation is substantially accelerated, starting with the first distribution box. Six lights and the next distribution are connected to it, and so on, and mismating is virtually impossible. Subsequent maintenance on the lights is also simplified by the pluggable connections. They are also easier to access. This is a significant advantage when dealing with 7500 lights. In addition, the WINSTA® MIDI components are themselves completely maintenance free. “A defective light always has to be replaced. That works, if the on-site facility management can deal with this, instead of having to get an external specialist each time. Also, business should be interrupted as little as possible,” states Castiglione.

Installation as Easy as Pie

Errors during installation and decommissioning of the LEDs are virtually impossible. The pluggable connector components prevent mismating. Individual mechanical and colored coding provide additional orientation during the installation. The lamps are simply inserted into the provided openings and fixed in place using two clips. Safety is also guaranteed at all times, now and in the future – because the WINSTA® MIDI is completely touch-proof (IP20).

Undisturbed Shopping Experience

The Zinser fashion house can look back over almost 140 years of success in this region. The company has always changed with the times. Like now, with the conversion to LED technology in Tübingen, which will light up the building with new brilliance, and save substantial amounts of energy. The customers should see very few interruptions during the conversion, “In the Zinser building in Tübingen, we will meet the challenge of installing thousands of LEDs in the shortest time possible. For this, we needed a solution which enabled a fast, easy, and safe electrical installation,” explains Harald Walker, Technical Manager at Elektro Kürner. He found it at WAGO, because WINSTA® MIDI pluggable connection system does exactly that. It accelerates and simplifies the installation and decommissioning of lights. The system thereby provides not only a high degree of cost efficiency and comfort, but also ensures that the shopping experience in the Tübingen fashion house is not impacted during the modernization work.

Text: Uwe Dieter I WAGO
Photo: Lorenzo de Nobili I Bildschön

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