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May 24, 2017 - Building

Efficient and flexible with flexROOM®

WAGO’s versatile solution for building automation provides lighting, sun protection and temperature control – without any programming. The new version is even easier and more flexible.

WAGO included comprehensive practical knowledge gained from users in the new version of the flexROOM® application. Therefore, it doesn’t merely look and feel better, it incorporates fundamental changes, like reorganized configuration templates and expanded settings possibilities to make the workflow more consistent. However, the foundational principle of flexROOM® remains that of dividing rooms into defined segments. They form the smallest common denominator and are generally assigned to a window. This enables a flexROOM® configuration that varies according to building usage. When a building is repurposed, the new occupants simply enter the changed room segments into the software and then individually set the parameters assigned for lighting, sun shade and room controls with a few adjustments.

Work Faster with Better Navigation

The new flexROOM® version allows you to perform these tasks on tablets and smartphones via the Web interface based on HTML5. In addition, the interface has been configured to be more transparent and ergonomic by including navigation ribbons known from conventional software tools. Moving beyond usability, the room automation solution now also supports DALI Multi-Master Modules from WAGO. These can drive up to 64 lamps with ballasts and process up to 16 sensors on one line.

Due to the incorporation of the new WAGO PFC200 Controller, flexROOM® also offers secure configuration and data transmission via HTTPS and SFTP. And because flexROOM® is based on the WAGO I/O-SYSTEM 750, WAGO will incorporate this modularity more strongly into their room automation applications. Individual solutions, tailored to specific projects, will be foregrounded.

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