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Apr 4, 2016 - Building

BACnet: Establishing Connections Just Became Easier

The new BACnet/IP Coupler is designed as a data logger and additionally offers the possibility of including timers, trend recorders, and alarms.

There exists a particular variety of different communication protocols in building services, which must be harmonized in order to function. As a globally established standard, BACnet has the task of connecting autonomous technology islands in buildings with one another. With the new 750-831/000-002 BACnet/IP ECO Controller, WAGO has brought a device to market which is a cost-effective solution for applications which require comparatively few BACnet objects to be sufficient. The 750-330 BACnet/IP Coupler is also new, and can be used as a data logger and autonomous small controller.

For up to 256 BACnet Objects: WAGO’s New BACnet/IP Controller

LON®, KNX, and DALI are three typical representatives of communication protocols which are widely used in building technology. The new BACnet/IP ECO Controller integrates the subsystems that depend on these protocols into the building control system using standardized communication. In this way, room automation or an HVAC control can be realized easily and efficiently. WAGO offers a price-optimized solution as an ECO version of the established 750-831 BACnet/IP Controller – for all applications where 256 BACnet objects are sufficient. The new device has an internal flash memory of 4.5 MB, can be freely programmed using the languages from IEC 61131-3, and offers a 2-port switch for ETHERNET line topologies, in addition to an SD card slot.

Powerful Data Logger: WAGO’s New BACnet/IP Coupler

Decentrally detect, translate, and forward I/O signals: the new 750-330 BACnet/IP Coupler is designed as a data logger and additionally offers the possibility for including timers, trend recorders, and alarms. The fieldbus coupler, equipped according to BACnet revision 12, can also manage up to 256 BACnet objects. WAGO has made corresponding software tools available for simple configuration and fast commissioning. Both devices support the standardized BACnet device profile B-BC (BACnet building controller) with all necessary BACnet objects, BACnet interoperability building blocks (BIBBs), and interoperability areas. Thus, complete BACnet integration and interoperability with other manufacturers’ components is guaranteed.

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