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Apr 4, 2016 - Building

Compact Terminal Block - Large Cross-Section

WAGO’s 2059 Series SMD PCB Terminal Blocks are now approved for 20 AWG/0.5 mm2 solid conductors.

New approvals offer manufacturers the perfect tool to rein in the size of LED modules. WAGO’s 2059 Series Terminal Blocks provide a particularly compact connection for the conductor cross-sections that are staples in the lighting industry. Further boosting the 2059 Series’ appeal for LED lighting is a low profile of just 2.7 mm, which reduces on-board shadowing to provides more uniform light distribution.

The new approval complements the 2059 Series’ established EN/IEC and UL approvals for worldwide applications.

2059 Series – Compact PCB Terminal Blocks for Small LED Modules

The SMD PCB terminal blocks from the 2059 Series are perfectly suited for small LED modules in spotlights, downlights and streetlights. As WAGO’s most compact PCB terminal blocks, the 2059 Series accommodates solid conductors from 26–20 AWG (0.14–0.5 mm2) and features 3 mm pin spacing. The terminal blocks offer a current rating up to 3 A and a rated voltage of at least 160 V (IEC) or 250 V (UL). Furthermore, WAGO’s proven PUSH WIRE® connection provides easy push-in termination of solid conductors. Operating tools are available for conductor removal.

A Variety of Terminal Blocks Form the SMD Family

In addition to the 2059 Series SMD Terminal Blocks, WAGO offers an extensive range of products with its 2060 and 2061 Series PCB terminal blocks for SMD applications up to a maximum conductor cross-section of 1.5 mm2.

All of WAGO’s SMD PCB Terminal Blocks are available in tape-and-reel packaging for automated PCB assembly. This allows full integration into SMT assembly and manufacturing processes.

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