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Apr 4, 2016 - Building

Tenant Fit Out Improvements Must Be Carried Quickly

Quickly Install Lights Thanks to Linect®

The Taunus Tower in Frankfurt’s Inner City is considered by insiders to be one of the most beautiful sky scrapers in the banking metropolis on the Main. The global real estate agency, Tishman Speyer, constructed the tower at the start of 2014, and has leased out the majority of its space in the meantime. The “green building” was developed by the joint venture partners, Tishman Speyer and Commerz Real AG. Highest priority was granted to, and continues to be assigned to efficient use of resources and fast implementation of all correctional measures. In order to enable fast installation of lights in the building, the manufacturer-independent Linect® lighting system is used.

Tishman Speyer is one of the leading global developers, owners, operators, and asset managers of first-class real estate, with activities in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Many prestigious firms around the world rely on Tishman Speyer to provide them with suitable office space. As of July 30, 2014, the company had purchased, developed, or managed a portfolio of more than 12.17 million square meters with a total value of more than $68.1 billion. The most famous buildings include Rockefeller Center and the Chrysler Building in New York, Terre Norte in Sao Paulo, the Ventura Corporate Towers in Rio de Janeiro, and the Opera Tower in Frankfurt. Tishman Speyer guides multiple projects in different phases of development in Brasilia, Chengdu, Frankfurt, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, and Suzhou. The new Taunus Tower in the Inner City of Frankfurt was added to this portfolio at the beginning of 2014. Tishman Speyer built the sky scraper, with a total of 60,000 square meters of office space, within two years, and has since moved its German headquarters into the building. Ecological construction and energy efficient operation are especially important to the real estate company, and were thus important framing conditions to consider during the design of the Taunus Tower. The building received the highest certification according to LEED – platinum (see text box).

High Demands on Building Logistics

At the beginning of 2012, construction work began on the Taunus Tower with the first ceremonial shovel of dirt. The location of the construction site in the center of the Frankfurt Inner City placed great challenges on all participants; for example, material deliveries had to be scheduled with excruciating accuracy. The general contractor tapped by Tishman Speyer had to realize the construction as quickly as possible. Thus, finishing work began in the lower levels while construction was still ongoing in the upper floors. The electrical systems were installed by Salvia Elektrotechnik GmbH. The mid-sized company has a workforce of approximately 180 at four locations in Munich, Frankfurt, Eislingen, and Schkeuditz. As senior site engineer from Salvia Elektrotechnik, Steffen Bergert supervised the work at the Taunus Tower: “We designed the entire power supply for the building – from the medium-voltage transformers up to the plugs and lights in the individual floors.” A busbar system distributes electrical energy from the transformers to the floors. A floor distribution box is installed in the technology section of each level in order to distribute electricity. During the finishing work, another distribution box is generally added for each tenant on a floor.

Lighting with LED Technology

With regard to lighting, only modern LED technology is used in the Taunus Tower. And for good reasons: the energy savings over conventional illumination is around 20% – a significant argument within the context of the LEED certification. “The lifecycle of LED lights is significantly longer,” states Sven Käppler, who is the project manager at Salvia Elektrotechnik responsible for the Taunus Tower electrical installations. The higher purchase costs for the lights can be quickly recouped, and additional savings are realized during operation. “LED lights also have a significantly longer warranty period, which is guaranteed by the manufacturers.”

Wiring Installations at High Speed

The electrical installations selected to accommodate the lights are also a version with higher initial costs; however, Linect®, the universal light connection system, offers compelling long-term advantages. The manufacturer-independent system is based on a pluggable connector system and significantly reduces labor costs during installation. The ZVEI working group Linect®, which includes famous companies from the lighting and electrical sectors, created a standard system with Linect®, which enables fast and easy installation. The LED lights for ceiling installations in the Taunus Tower were designed and manufactured by Zumtobel Lighting and Siteco Beleuchtungstechnik. “All lights have a Linect® connection, which we equip with a T-connector from WAGO,” explains Käppler. As a Linect® member, WAGO offers a comprehensive program for pluggable lighting connections. First, WINSTA® distribution boxes, which are also from WAGO, were installed at various points in the ceilings. The lights then simply had to be plugged into the distribution boxes using pre-configured Linect® lines. Adding additional lights, which are designed to be switched together, is carried out easily; they can be connected using the T-connectors or additional Linect® lines. At Salvia Elektrotechnik, they value the time advantages that Linect® systems offer during installation. However, they really only recognized how large the potential time savings are when the products they needed were delivered using the “just in time” principle. “For us, the short delivery times that WAGO can offer are particularly important,” Bergert emphasizes, “if the implementation and assembly schedule are shortened, then everything has to move really fast.” Long delivery times are not acceptable. In addition to the speed of wiring lighting installations, Linect® has another important advantage – faulty contacting or reverse connections are practically impossible.

DALI Is Also Retroactively Possible

If lights in the Taunus Tower should be individually switched or dimmed, then Linect® can also be used in combination with DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface). The control lines for the DALI protocol are already universally available. DALI is already in use in the building’s main lobby. Depending on the amount of daylight, different lighting scenarios can be called up. LED lights are also installed in the lobby, which are connected using pre-configured Linect® lines. At present, Salvia Elektrotechnik has installed around 6,000 flexible Linect® lines in the Taunus Tower. During additional tenant fit outs, as additional floors become available, this number will only increase.

Sustainability in the Taunus Tower

Sustainability has already played an important role during the design and construction phases of the building, and will during operation. The building was designed as a low energy project in which the owners used sustainable solutions in all areas. The heating-cooling ceilings function, for example, according to a particularly energy-efficient system, and thus save around 30% of the energy used by conventional systems. Solar control glazing, a natural stone facade, water-savings technologies and storm water utilization, an intelligent elevator design, energy- saving LED lighting – the list of measures is quite long. Tishman Speyer’s goal is certification according to the American LEED standard (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). They plan to achieve the highest “platinum” level.


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