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Mar 29, 2016 - Building

Lighting Management from WAGO

Optimal Production Hall Lighting at Lower Costs

WAGO Lighting Management is the intelligent solution for lighting control in large spaces, for example, in production halls or warehouses. Using a combination of predefined hardware and user-friendly software, WAGO Lighting Management facilitates the design and commissioning of new lighting systems, and also offers numerous advantages for their operation.

Solide Hardware

On the hardware side, the new WAGO PFC200 Controller and the DALI Bus Module from the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 form the foundation. Every module can integrate up to 64 DALI lights, up to 16 DALI sensors, and up to 16 DALI transmitters into the system. Since the number of bus modules is variable, WAGO Lighting Management can be used for small production halls, and also in large logistics centers. Furthermore, additional I/O modules can be linked to the controller, for example, 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules for power measurement or wireless receivers for EnOcean wireless controls.

Modern Software

However, WAGO Lighting Management becomes a powerful and user-friendly lighting solution due to the software applications implemented at the controller. All settings, for commissioning and during operation, can be carried out at the controller with the click of a mouse. No programming is required. Since the graphic user interface can be accessed by any standard browser, there is no need for local software installation. The Web visualization, based on HTML5, configures the work with particular ease. Parameter values are stored on the SD card or a backup server via SFTP. The values can be forwarded to a higherlevel building control or to a production control center using Modbus TCP/IP.

Innovative Operating Concept

WAGO Lighting Management is oriented toward the different light requirements of warehouses and production halls. The foundation: the hall is divided into virtual rooms corresponding to the different functions and activities there – for example, assembly lines, traffic paths, or offices. Each virtual room receives signals from the sensors and actuators in order to automatically generate the optimal lighting ratios for the respective tasks, depending on the functions that have been set.

Advantages of WAGO Lighting Management

  • Reduction in lifecycle costs due to efficient lighting management.
  • Easy commissioning via wizard-based configuration
  • Easy conversion without programming
  • Operation via standard Web browsers – no software installation necessary
  • Connect to higher-level management and control systems within industrial or technical building environments
  • Support in the planning of maintenance
  • Scalability – from the small workshop to the logistic center
  • Automatic documentation during commissioning

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