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Sep 1, 2015 - Building


The new WAGO Plug-In Current Transformers with Low Power Output and picoMAX® Pluggable Connectors are specifically suited for low currents up to 32 A.

Current transformers come into play everywhere that high currents cannot be directly processed. WAGO has introduced a new variant specifically for currents up to 32 A: the Plug-In Current Transformer with Low Power Output converts primary rated current into an electrically isolated secondary current of 320 mA. In the measurement range between 0.8–32 A and in combination with the 3-phase power measurement modules from the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750, the accuracy class 0.5 is met per EN 61869-2.

Pluggable picoMAX® connection technology additionally enables an easy installation of the secondary cables. Due to lateral latches, the plug-in current transformers can be optimally connected in series. Due to this, it is possible to install them in an especially space-saving way directly over a 3-phase circuit breaker with a phase distance of 17.5 mm. Based on its dimensions, the special design, and high accuracy, the 855 Series Plug-In Current Transformers are suitable for use in all sub-distribution boxes.

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