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Sep 1, 2015 - Building

Transparency Pays Dividends

To systematically record energy consumption, WAGO has developed a plug-in current transformer for the 855 Series. High currents can be recorded with an accuracy of 99 percent and processed using these modules. The transformers convert primary rated currents into electrically isolated secondary currents of 1 A or 5 A. The plug-in current transformers are inductive, single-conductor current transformers, that function according to the transformer principle, and are designed for use in low voltage networks of 230 V, 400 V, and 690 V.

When it is necessary to gain a temporary picture of the energy state, or a stationary energy consumption measurement is planned for current systems, Rogowski Coils from the 855 Series can be used without interrupting cables or opening insulation. The coil is placed around a conductor or current bar. The magnetic field produced by the AC current flowing through the conductor induces an output voltage in the coil. This measurement procedure galvanically isolates the primary circuit (power) and secondary circuit (measurement).

Three different models of 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules are available for evaluating actual energy consumption using the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 (750-493, 750-494 and 750-495). They provide voltage and current values for each of the three phases, as well as data about the reactive, apparent and active power. The power measurement modules, integrated directly in the I/O system, calculate consumption values within the module. Since external measuring devices are thus superfluous, it is now possible to perform measurements inexpensively. In addition to energy consumption measurement, the power measurement modules feature harmonic analysis, neutral conductor measurement, and additional functions for comprehensive grid analysis. If all network data required for an analysis are available, these can be initially used to identify single, large consumers. Secondly, analysis can be based on this in order to sustainably avoid peak loads or to reduce base loads.

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