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Sep 1, 2015 - Building

Practical Tips - The WAGO Roadshow Focusing on Energy Management is on the Way

The WAGO Roadshow Focusing on Energy Management is on the Way

What are the general legal requirements, which the amendment to the Energy-Related Services Act (EDL-G) entails when it comes into effect on April 22, 2015. Which corporations are affected and how does the system behave as a whole with regard to companies that have a number of locations that are similarly structured? The Energy-Related Services Act (EDL-G) involves a number of questions, and we are dedicating our WAGO Roadshow, which focuses on Energy Management and will travel to eight marketing locations in October and November, to their answers. You can learn more about the so-called Multi-Site Method, which is used to aggregate facilities with comparable consumption profiles, within the scope of an energy audit.

We were able to attract regional experts for the informational events, who can walk you through the different measuring concepts, so that you can correctly set the course for sustainable savings within energy monitoring and controlling. WAGO system advisors will provide an overview as to which products and solutions our company can offer. In connection to this, regional software portal providers will present their solutions for structuring an energy management portal. In order to provide a large degree of practical information, WAGO customers will report on their paths to ISO 50001. Well-known corporations will provide insights into how they approached the implementation of their energy management systems. Which aspects were important during design? Which details are important to consider? How much experience is there currently, and what have we learned to date? Important note: the Association is offering incentive programs through the Reconstruction Loan Corporation. Engineering firms from the eight cities will report on how this looks in detail.

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