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Mar 1, 2015 - Building


The Economical Alternative for 4 mm2 Applications: WAGO's 773 Series PUSH WIRE® Connector for Junction Boxes

Developed for junction boxes, WAGO’s new 773 Series PUSH WIRE® Connector represents the next generation of connectors for solid conductors up to a cross section of 4 mm2. The 773 Series is ideal for connecting large devices, such as air-conditioning units or through-flow water heaters, in electrical and building applications. Installation has been dramatically simplified thanks to the connector's compact design and the fact that solid conductors can be easily terminated via PUSH WIRE® connection. In addition to faster, easier, and safer installations, the 773’s economical purchase price also helps control project costs.

Compared to the previously available 3-conductor 273 Series, the 4-conductor 773 Series requires 30 % less space, and even half the space for conductors.

The 773 Series family of junction box connectors features three color-coded variants to fulfill the conductor requirements for the widest range of applications: 2-conductor models carry a white conductor entry (773-602), 4-conductor models have a red conductor entry (773-604) and 6-conductor models are identified by a brown conductor entry (773-606). Solid conductors ranging in size from 1.5 to 4 mm2 can be accommodated. With a rated voltage of 400 V, the permissible nominal current is 32 A, which allows users to exploit the full current carrying capacity at the maximum conductor size of 4 mm2.

Other design elements of the 773 Series include a transparent housing that enables an electrician to immediately see whether all conductors have been fully inserted and properly connected. For additional convenience, the new junction box connectors also carry two integrated test ports that are compatible with all standard test probes.

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