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Nov 1, 2014 - Building

Integrated PTC Thermistor and Resistance Sensors

New to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750: an 8-Channel PTC Digital Input Module, as well as 4-Channel and 8-Channel Analog Input Modules.

The 750-1425 PTC Digital Input Module features eight channels for connecting PTC thermistors according to DIN 44081 and DIN 44082 for thermal monitoring (overload protection) of machines or systems. Up to six PTC thermistors can be connected in series per channel. Upon exceeding a nominal response temperature, such as during a wire break or short circuit, a bit is set in the input process image of the 12 mm wide module. One green and one red status LED per channel indicate overtemperature or wiring errors on the PTC Digital Input Module. Field and system levels are electrically isolated. The 4- and 8-channel analog input modules enable direct connections of Pt and Ni resistance sensors. A sensor error (short circuit, wire break or out-of-measurement range) is indicated by a red status LED. The modules can be freely configured using WAGO-I/O-CHECK or via GSD files. When using the 8-Channel Analog Input Module (750-451), connection occurs via 2-wire technology; when using the 4-Channel Analog Input Module (750-450), 2-, 3-, or 4-wire technology is employed. Potentiometers are connected with 3-wire technology.

Multiple setting options, as well as high resolution and accuracy, characterize these modules.

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