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Nov 1, 2014 - Building

Three For Any Need – The SMD Family from WAGO

Suitable solutions for the most diverse applications: WAGO expands the SMD family with a 2059 Series SMD Terminal Block that has a thickness of just 2.7 mm.

Expanding LED technology has led to growth in the number of different LED modules. Understandably, this variety has led to a plethora of varied demands for size, optics and functionality of the connection technology. And WAGO's SMD family is continuing to satisfy these demands with the launch of the newly minted 2059 Series. Together with the 2060 and 2061 Series Terminal Blocks, conductors ranging from 0.14 mm2 to 1.5 mm2 are covered. The sheer ease of use — direct insertion of solid conductors — combined with extremely compact dimensions give rise to a myriad of applications for manufacturers of LED modules and lighting fixtures.

The application scope is growing quickly with LEDs replacing conventional lights — from spotlights and downlights in the shopping and hospitality sectors to street and external lighting on up through ceiling light fixtures equipped with automation technology for industrial and office use. And, this wide range of applications means several aspects of connection technology should receive attention. First, mechanical and electrical demands must obviously be satisfied, and the wire sizes and operating voltage required have a direct effect on the dimensions of the SMD module. If the modules are too large, they may lead to crowding on the PCB; or, they generate undesirable, on-board LED shadowing. Secondly, the connection technology should provide the manufacturers of lighting fixtures with the greatest possible flexibility in selecting conductor sizes and types.

Aspects of Connection Technology

An additional aspect involves the multiplicity of variants. For LED module manufacturers, especially those with large product ranges, keeping the number of different connection technologies as low as possible is important. The economic reasons, while significant, can be counted on the fingers of one hand: higher inventory costs lead to higher setup times, which in turn cause higher personnel expenses. And finally, lighting manufacturers benefit from continuity in connection technology, especially when SMD terminal blocks on the LED modules combine the inherently clear process of push-in termination for solid conductors with additional features, like easy disconnection of conductors via push-button activation or tools.

With the introduction of the new 2059 Series, WAGO has expanded the SMD family so that it can support a large number of applications. In fact, between the three distinct model lines, the terminal block family can accommodate conductors ranging in size from from 0.14 mm2 to 1.5 mm2. And thanks to the models’ technical differences and their intersecting wire size ranges, selecting a specific model can be made according to the application and assembly methods, i.e., the smallest dimensions, manual or automatic wiring or direct power supply. LED module manufacturers can thus decide which of the three terminal block variants is ideal, and by so doing, better fulfill the needs of lighting fixture manufacturers.

2059 Series for the Smallest Spaces

The compact SMD PCB terminal blocks from the 2059 Series are perfectly suited for small LED modules in spotlights, downlights and streetlights. WAGO's smallest terminal block — with an overall thickness of only 2.7 mm — is extremely flat, covers sizes from AWG 26 to AWG 22 (0.14 to 0.34 mm2) for solid conductors and has pin spacing of 3 mm. The SMD terminal blocks are designed for rated currents up to 3 A and rated voltages of up to 160 V. The compact design greatly reduces the space required for connection technology. Installation is easy because solid core conductors can be directly inserted, and quickly disconnected using an activation tool.

2060 Series for Manual and Automated Wiring Systems

The 2060 Series SMD PCB Terminal Blocks are ideal for connecting surface-mounted PCB applications. They accept solid core and finestranded wires from AWG 24 to AWG 18 (0.2 to 0.75 mm2), and at just 4.5 mm tall, they can be used in LED applications or installed in other low-profile electrical components. Like other SMD PCB variants, the 2060 Series enables easy and time-saving installation of solid conductors, which can be directly inserted thanks to CAGE CLAMP®S connection technology. Fine-stranded conductors can be conveniently inserted using the integrated push-buttons. The 2060 Series' design pairs side-entry wiring with top-of-unit, space-saving push-button activation. An available board-to-board connecting links permits easy in-line connection of LED PCBs into one string.

2061 Series for Direct Power Supply

With a wire size range from AWG 20 to AWG 16 (0.5 to 1.5 mm2), the 2061 Series is particularly suited for the direct power supply of LED modules. The SMD terminal blocks are designed for rated currents up to 12 A and rated voltages of up to 630 V according to IEC (300 V based on UL 1059). The pin spacing of 6 mm is hidden under a flat component height of a mere 5.6 mm. Like the terminal blocks from the 2060 Series, the 2061 Series also has integrated push-button activation for easily connecting fine-stranded conductors and disconnecting all wire types. Solid conductors can be directly inserted thanks CAGE CLAMP®S connection technology.

The Advantages of WAGO Terminal Blocks

Despite their differences, all SMD PCB terminal blocks benefit users thanks to the blocks’ shared technical advantages. For instance, the 2059, 2060 and the 2061 Series are offered in tape-and-reel packaging for automated assembly processes. This allows full integration into SMT assembly and manufacturing. The terminal blocks are available in 1-, 2- or 3-pole versions and can be connected in series without pole loss. This means that no additional terminal block versions need to be kept in stock to accommodate the need for a higher number of poles, increasing flexibility and reducing costs. The terminal blocks' low profile, along their white housings, reduces on-board LED shadowing. Activation tools for the different versions complete the program for all three lines.

Text: Jens Brandhorst, WAGO
Photo: WAGO

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