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Mar 1, 2014 - Building

World´s First High-Current Spring-Clamp Terminal Block Up To 185 mm2

Innovation especially for energy-intensive applications: WAGO is expanding its range of screwless, high-current POWER CAGE CLAMP terminal blocks for conductors up to 185 mm2 (350 kcmil).

Time-saving, maintenance-free, vibration-proof: Now, conductors with cross sections of 50 mm2 to 185 mm2 (2/0 AWG 350 kcmil) can be connected without any screws with the 285-1185 High-Current Spring-Clamp Terminal Block. The 285 Series POWER CAGE CLAMP terminal blocks are designed for a nominal current of 353 A and a rated voltage of 1000 VAC and 1500 VDC. They are primarily suited for energy-intensive applications, such as machine and plant engineering, or the energy sector.

Simple Handling, Maximum Reliability

The 285 Series‘ lateral conductor entries enable easy insertion and connection of difficult-to-bend conductors. The connection point is opened using an operating tool and locked by pressing the orange locking element. There is no need to prepare the core wires using ring crimp terminals or ferrules. Spring clamp technology ensures an optimal contact force with any cross section, regardless of the care taken, or lack thereof, by the installation personnel. This high-current springclamp terminal block fulfills the most stringent requirements, including those specified for rail transport and shipping, and is vibration-proof and resistant to heat and cold, even under the heaviest of loads.

Commoning and Marking

Both potential multiplication and potential tapping can be implemented via a jumper slot on each side of the terminal block. In this way, supply voltage can be tapped for light and service outlets, for example, without the need for any additional terminal blocks. The new 285 Series products can also accommodate both WMB marker cards and marking strips to provide an improved overview of the layout in control cabinets.

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