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Mar 1, 2014 - Building

Flexible Cabling – The WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System Supports The Flexible Use Of Interior Spaces In The New Headquarters For Selecta AG.

The Selecta Group operates the largest pan-European sales system for business catering, with more than 150,000 sales points in 22 countries employing more than 5300 people. In Kirchberg, a new office and logistics building is under construction; when finished, it will be the new headquarters for the region covering Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. An intelligent cabling solution offers the necessary flexibility, even after wiring is complete, to satisfy high demands.

Credit Suisse Asset Management, Real Estate, Switzerland, has invested 40 million Swiss francs in a new construction that meets the definition for a minimum energy standard building. The plot they have selected is approximately 20,000 square meters (almost 5 acres) in size, located in Industrie Neuhof, an industrial area just northwest of Kirchberg. Selecta AG has already signed a 20-year rental agreement on the office and logistics building under construction there. The building, which covers around 13,200 square meters [142000 sq.ft], has space for 225 office spaces, and a warehouse for the catering products, where around 25 employees work in the manual pick and pack process. The office and logistics building will be Selecta’s new regional headquarters for Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Due to the concentration of resources at the new location, the central food warehouse in Oensingen and two extant branch offices on the Central Plateau near Bern will be closed.

Flexible Interior Spaces

The new building in Kirchberg is designed to be flexible. Both parts of the building can be expanded as needed and the interior can also be adapted to changes in use. For example, the ground floor of the office section is equipped with sliding walls that can convert several small sitting areas into a large meeting space. The flexibility required in configuring the interior spaces also effected the electrical wiring. This required systems that can be easily adapted to the configuration of the building.

Christoph Bürgin describes the scope of the project, “The electrical systems include the entire gamut, from lighting, emergency lighting, blinds, fire alarms, heating, ventilation, air conditioning up through multimedia, access control, door monitoring, and the EDP network.” According to Bürgin, who is team leader at Etavis Beutler AG, the company responsible for the electrical work, the scope and flexibility required in the project, as well as the time pressures, presented an interesting challenge.

Ambitious Power Supply

The building has its own transformer station to supply the main distribution board in the basement. This, in turn, supplies each floor via sub-distribution boxes. From here, the cables run out into a starshaped pattern to the consumers on each floor. A double floor was installed in order to maintain flexibility in the electrical supply to individual workstations scattered through 4500 square meters of office space [approx. 48500 sq.ft]. Jordahl h-Bau provided prefabricated floor boxes that could be placed as needed and which are accessible through suitable access points in the double floor. The WINSTA® pluggable connection system from WAGO ensures flexibility on the system side. The electrical components could be easily and quickly connected, from power cables up to the bus lines, especially since the materials delivered to the construction site were tailored to the customer specifications. The builder in Kirchberg implemented the blinds control as well as the power supply using this system.

Fast and Safe

A ribbon cable is laid under the floors along the corridors, from which pre-assembled cables with pluggable connectors branch off to supply each of the 300 floor boxes in the office spaces. “We probably saved half the time usually needed for on-site wiring, because we did not need to install as many cables and junction boxes,” explains Bürgin.

An adaptor with a spring screw terminal ensures connection to the ribbon cable. These only need to be plugged in a screwed tight during wiring. This not only saves time, it also offers safety, as the entire system is designed to prevent incorrect connection of cables. If a box needs to be moved, the adapter can be relocated, or a new one can be easily installed. This keeps costs for subsequent alterations to a minimum.


  • The WINSTA® luggable connection system nsures high flexibility on the side of the lectrical wiring.
  • Pre-assembled ibbon cables tailored to the ustomer’s specifications saved 50% of the tandard wiring time.
  • The pluggable lectrical wiring systems also educe expenses in subsequent alterations.

Text: Remo Marti, WAGO
Photo: Selecta, WAGO

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