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Mar 1, 2014 - Building

Small Yet Clever

WAGO’s new 221 Series Compact Splicing Connector for all wire types is 40% smaller than its predecessor.

With the new generation of compact splicing connectors, WAGO has succeeded in improving the previous model, the 222 Series introduced around ten years ago, and has simultaneously reduced the required installation space by a massive amount.

Extremely Low-Profile Design

The connectors in the 221 generation are a true spatial wonder: they are 40% smaller dimensionally than the preceding model. This allows electricians to realize applications in narrow wiring conditions without difficulties. Due to the extremely low-profile design of the new series, the wired connectors can be quickly and easily inserted into the junction boxes. The spatial savings also translate into potential expansion slots for later.

Seeing What Needs to be Done

The new housing design of the 221 Series is made of transparent plastic, which enables a simple visual check for correct conductor positioning. After termination, the electrician can immediately see whether all wires have been fully inserted and if they are correctly connected. The correct strip length of the wires can now be checked at a glance. Closed conductor entry holes ensure precise guiding of the wires to the clamping point.

Ease of Operation is the Point

Even after installation, the electrician can easily and safely test the connector via two test slots for all standard test probes. The lateral recessed grips in the housing increase ease of operation when opening the lever. This new connector generation is based on the proven, tool-less CAGE CLAMP® technology, allowing clamping points to be opened and closed via operating lever. The difference from its predecessor: operating the lever is now much easier. This allows wires to be connected even faster and easier.

Large Variety of Applications

As a universal connector, the new 221 Series can accommodate all types of standard wires: solid, stranded or fine-stranded. The new product family includes versions for two, three, and five wires (221- 412, 221-413, and 221-415). A single connector covers wire sizes from 0.14 to 4 mm2 (26–12 AWG, fine stranded) and 0.2 to 4 mm2 (24–12 AWG, solid and stranded). Due to a highly reliable nominal current of 32 A, and a nominal voltage of 450 V, the 221 Series is suited for many applications.

Typical applications in building automation include the connection of lighting, blind motors and wiring of intercom systems and door and gate control systems. Among other things, this new connector is ideally suited for wiring motors and pumps in industrial applications.

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