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Oct 1, 2013 - Building

The Modern Art Of Light Installations

The manufacturer-independent lighting connection system Linect® has become an established standard in the lighting sector in the past few years. There is a reason for this: Linect® has numerous advantages that simultaneously convince planners, architects, lighting manufacturers, and electricians. Since unnecessary adaptation times caused by different plug connections systems are gone, the delivery time required for lights has been shortened. Lighting installation takes place quickly, safely, and without errors. There are no compatibility problems with conventional systems: Electricians have the option to conventionally wire Linect® lights directly to the lighting connection module, or to use plug connection systems, like WINSTA® from WAGO.

Lights with Linect® interfaces are manufacturer independent and can be connected to Linect® connectors for the respective connector system. Numerous prestigious lighting manufacturers have joined the open standard and offer corresponding products. Lights with Linect® connections enable conventional power supply connection and also connection via plug-in connectors. The great advantage of the uniform system is the reduction in complexity in individual connection variants. All involved profit from this – from the lighting manufacturers through the project planners to those involved in installation.

Freedom in planning

For designers and architects, the advantages of the system appear primarily in the compatibility of all components, in particular due to the increased freedom in design and safety in the project. Connection technologies and lighting selection are no long dependent on each other. Tenders for Linect® lighting fixtures can be made both for conventional systems and for connection to various connector systems regardless of the manufacturer. The open source and high compatibility of the system provide greater planning security to lighting projects, since future modifications or upgrades can be easily implemented. Using Linect®, innovative designers have found lighting technology that they can rely on now and in the future.

Fewer lighting variants

The increasing number of manufacturers who offer Linect® lights demonstrates that even the lighting industry find numerous advantages in the universal connection system. Linect® reduces the multitude of connection variants for lights that have existed up until now and replaces them with a uniform standard. As a whole, this leads to an increase in efficiency in lighting manufacturing: delivery is improved, sales, production planning, and manufacturing are simplified, and inventory carrying costs are lowered. Designers and architects now select lights according to design, the type of lighting means, and the type of light distribution.

Flexible connection possibilities

Linect® lights can be installed in the following three ways:

  • Conventional wiring to the light connection module: In conventional installation, the lights are directly wired in the conventional way to light connection modules. WAGO’s Linect® 294 Series offers decisive advantages for this case.
  • Conventional installation using pluggable lighting connection: The lights are simply plugged into the finished installation via Linect® connection modules so that opening the light fixture is no longer necessary. The Linect® plug connector for conventional external wiring is suitable for this application. This connection module is also advantageous for uses in e.g. Scandinavia, where lights with Schuko connection lines are required.
  • Pluggable electrical installations with pluggable connectors: The lights are simply plugged into the finished installation via Linect® T-connector so that opening the light fixture is no longer necessary. The light is immediately ready for use due to plug and play. Linect® T-connectors from the WINSTA ® MIDI family are an optimum solution for this type of installation.

Pluggable connectors for every application

Basically, pluggable connectors from different manufacturers can be used. WAGO offers a particularly broad product selection and high quality with its WINSTA® family of pluggable connectors. The product portfolio includes WINSTA® Linect® T-connectors for the following applications: mains replacement (L‘/N‘), mains (L/PE/N), emergency lighting (N/PE/2/L/1/L‘), three-phase current (N/PE/L1/L2/L3), dimming (N/PE/L) DA-/DA+) and mains replacement (N/PE/L/N‘/L‘).

Fast installation and high safety

The Linect® T-connectors of the WINSTA® MIDI family enable fast and error-free installation using pre-assembled, quality-checked components and mechanically coded plugs and sockets for different functionalities like mains, dimming, and emergency lighting. Since the components are protected against accidental contact, Linect® lights can be replaced while the wires are live. Plug-andplay handling guarantees the shortest installation times.

Modern lights need modern, pluggable connections

Never before were pluggable lighting installations in buildings easier, faster, or safer than now with the uniform, manufacturer-independent Linect® interface. When combined with WAGO’s WINSTA® pluggable connectors, this presents an optimum solution for building installations, from which lighting manufacturers, designers, and electricians all profit equally.


  • Linect® creates complete independence from the connection system in lighting selection.
  • WINSTA® pluggable connection system offers an especially broad range of Linect®-compatible products.
  • Linect® enables conventional power supply connection and connection via pluggable connectors.

Text: Stephan Albrecht, WAGO
Photo: WAGO

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