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Oct 1, 2013 - Building

WINSTA® In The "House Of Industry"

The “House of Industry” in Copenhagen was expanded and completely renovated at the end of May 2013. In addition to the Dansk Industri professional organization, diverse businesses, an external conference center, a conference room with seating for 400, and an atrium are housed in the building, which covers eight floors and a total of 40,000 m2. Trine Rasmussen and Jesper Poulsen were on site and spent a day visiting the construction site.

The harlequin pattern on the exterior façade dovetails perfectly with its neighborhood, especially Copenhagen’s Tivoli Park and its long-standing tradition of pantomime. A glass-roofed atrium with solar panels has been added to the interior. From here, as well as from the conference room and the dining facility, which leads out to the roof terrace, one has a marvelous view of Tivoli Park and the Town Hall square – as well as a particular incidence of light.

Pihl & Søn A/S was entrusted with the turnkey construction; Kemp & Lauritzen were responsible for all of the work in connection with lighting, work stations, installation channels and ventilation controls. On a gray and rainy January day, we visited the construction site for the “House of Industry” and met with experts from Kemp & Lauritzen.

The Big Picture

We logged a first intermediate stop with Johnny Hansen, the supervisor for all Kemp and Lauritzen electricians at the site. His work space is full of electrical drawings; however, Johnny very obviously maintains a clear overview, not only across his desk but also – as we would see later – about his entire area of responsibility and the people on the entire construction site.

Johnny led us up to where offices for project employees and administrative personnel are located. Here we met Kenneth Lindegaard Larsen, who has worked as a project assistant for Kemp & Lauritzen at the “House of Industry” since summer 2011. In addition, we met Jonas, who had just completed his training as an electrician and at the moment was interning at Kemp & Lauritzen. We looked at the large main schedule, of which Kenneth said that 60% of the electrical work had already been finished and only installation channels, work stations, lighting installations, and the final testing remained. The deadline for many parts of the construction is summer 2012, the rest will follow.

Tour of the construction site

Johnny Hansen is responsible for planning and coordination of all work for all of the electricians and thus maintains a clear overview of who is doing what, where, and when. Today, his role was more that of coordinator and electrician. Later, over the course of the tour, we saw him in action at the construction site: he installed a missing cover in no time at all. He has worked for Kemp & Lauritzen for 31 years, and has been the coordinator for other large projects.

20 electricians as well as IT and security staff work at the site, so that a total of 30 employees from Kemp & Lauritzen are involved at the “House of Industry”. Kemp & Lauritzen has been entrusted with all of the technical work, with the exception of access controls and ventilation.

Sometime later, talk turns to WAGO’s push-wire connectors for junction boxes, which are used to a high degree and are quite clearly preferred by Johnny Hansen and his people in comparison to traditional screw connections. In Johnny’s opinion, the push-wire connectors offer many advantages, including increased security, fast installation time, and space-saving design.

Installation using WINSTA® is about eight times faster

In the building interior, we are met by the scent of paint, drilling noises, music carried over loudspeakers, a painter here, and an electrician there. In projects like the “House of Industry”, it is always important to maintain the time schedule. This is merely one reason why Kemp & Lauritzen decided to use the WINSTA® pluggable connection system from WAGO. If you compare installation times of lights installed using WINSTA® with traditional installation, work using WINSTA® is carried out around eight times faster. The electrician can simultaneously avoid incorrect assembly and loose connections, which is especially important for DALI lighting.

In addition to lighting, Kemp & Lauritzen decided to use WINSTA® in the cable ducts. The power supply to the computers uses white cables and the usual 230 V supply is indicated by black WINSTA® cables. By this means, not only is the implementation fast, easy, and safe, but also during later maintenance or renovation, it will be easy to identify which cables are used for which purposes. For example, a new work station can be assembled in less than five minutes.

Experience with WINSTA®

Johnny Hansen is extremely experienced with the use of pluggable connectors in real world applications. He has worked with them on projects for Novozymes and Ernst & Young, totaling more than 100,000 m2, and has only positive comments – in contrast to traditional installations, which, according to him, are uneconomical on larger projects. “Some of the advantages of WINSTA® are in the better work posture for electricians and in the pre-assembled cables,” Johnny explains.

The office spaces in the “House of Industry” were flexibly configured so that rooms can be reconfigured, expanded, or relocated. For this reason, the technical installations were configured so that a wall can be inserted every 1.6 m. The flexibility offered by WINSTA® is optimal for this kind of installation. An important factor for the building owner was that maintenance and servicing have to be accomplished quickly and easily, for which reasons they decided to use WINSTA® for the cooling flaps as well. All 1100 cooling flaps were installed with gray WINSTA® plugs that were delivered with the designation “3-2-1”.

Our visit to the construction site eventually ended. We left the “House of Industry” with a lot of exciting impressions and a huge thanks to Johnny Hansen, Kenneth Lindegaard Larsen, and Jonas.


  • Installation using WINSTA® is around eight times faster than traditional installation.
  • It is possible to assemble a new work station using WINSTA® in less than five minutes.
  • Junction box connectors from WAGO ensure increased security, fast installation time, and space-saving design.

Text: Trine Rasmussen and Jesper Poulsen, WAGO Denmark
Photo: Michael Barrett Boesen/boesenfoto.dk,
Industriens Hus, WAGO

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