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Oct 1, 2013 - Building

Ambitious Goal: 30 Percent Less CO2 By 2015

Equipped with the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750, the toom Baumarkt home improvement center in Nieder-Olm is the firstcenter in Germany to fulfill the requirements for the “Silver" certification from the DGNB.

A paradise for do-it-yourselfers and crafters: At toom Baumarkt home improvement centers, customers find everything for construction and technology, as well as ambiance and designs. toom Baumarkt garden centers also provide a timely assortment of plants, from indoor plants through balcony pots to outdoor beds. Deal responsibly, in the sense of the community, is the company philosophy at toom Baumarkt home improvement centers, a subsidiary of the REWE Group. Within the context of their sustainability strategy, new and existing buildings are being equipped with WAGO’s automation technology. By 2015, the around 360 German stores should have reduced their CO2 emissions per square meter of sales floor by 30% in comparison to 2006.

toom Baumarkt home improvement centers has made a further step in implementing their sustainability campaign with the opening of a new home improvement center in Nieder-Olm in the Rhineland-Palatinate. This store, completed at the beginning of 2012, is the company’s first certified Green Building, and was designed so that energy and water are used particularly frugally during daily operations. The store in Nieder-Olm additionally is the first home improvement center in Germany to fulfil the requirements for the “Silver” certification offered by the German Sustainable Building Council, the DGNB. “We consciously decided to get certified by the DGNB, because for us it represents the most sensible bridging of ecological and economic qualities,” explains Tobias Müller, the man responsible for energy management for the properties owned by toom Baumarkt home improvement centers.

Ecological and economic

Müller is involved in ensuring that the REWE Group subsidiary achieves its ambitious goal: Between 2006 and 2015, the CO2 emissions per square meter of sales floor should be reduced by 30 percent – and in all 360 stores. This can only succeed if heating energy and electricity are used efficiently. In this as well, the REWE Group promotes renewable energies, in that all toom Baumarkt home improvement centers are supplied exclusively with green electricity. The Green Building in Nieder-Olm already supports the active reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the additional use of environmentally friendly technologies for obtaining energy as well as construction elements like daylight architecture and efficient insulation.

Supplementing all of this was the break through in technology on the automation side. “Up until then, proprietary systems were commonly installed in our stores, which meant that we were quite dependent on the manufacturer, and there were a lot of them.” According to the engineer, “We’re remedying that at this site with the uniform conversion to the CODESYS programming environment and the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM.” The sales center in Nieder-Olm stands at just under 9,000 square meters, and includes a total of nine 750-880 ETHERNET Controllers from WAGO installed in decentralized control cabinets. The Starnberger firm J&K Lausser Regeltechnik undertook implementation of the work. Data communication was significantly simplified by using a uniform automation system for instrumentation, control, and automation, and for the electrical systems. This made the addition of special interfaces, which are otherwise common, superfluous.

Optimal conditions for customers and employees

The controllers with PLC functionality take over the control and monitoring of the entire lighting system, as well as the complex heating and ventilation systems. Ventilation and airing of the building are combined with a heat recovery system. A heat exchanger installed on the roof uses the exhaust air to heat the supply air. In addition, sensors in the ventilation system measure the CO2 content in the interior air. This guarantees that, depending on the number of people in the store, an optimal amount of fresh air is always supplied – and at the lowest possible expenditure of energy. Beyond this, the air-tight construction ensures particular frugality. This type of construction reduces interior drafts and lowers the losses from the ventilation system by around 25%. To ensure that an optimum working environment prevails at the registers at the entrance, the temperature controls for each register can be set by the employee.

A 1300 square meter photovoltaic array on the roof provides 189 kW of solar power to the Green Building. However, the sun light is not only used to generate electricity; it is also taken into account by the WAGO controllers for the DALI lighting controls. Twelve large domed skylights, which cover 20 percent of the sales floor space, are distributed across 5500 square meters of the roof. The entire lighting system is controlled by brightness sensors, which makes it both dependent on daylight and energy efficient. Thus, only as much artificial light is generated as it needed at the moment. In addition, each of the 500 DALI lights is individually controllable, such that the store can determine lighting according to individual needs and light scenarios. This saves additional energy – and contributes to the welcoming atmosphere for shoppers.

Controlling and monitoring the system technology

In addition to automation tasks, WAGO components take on another decisive roll at toom Baumarkt home improvement centers: All relevant data points are transmitted to a higher-level energy management portal. toom Baumarkt home improvement centers thus obtain a centralized overview about use, usage groups, and individual systems statuses. Comprehensive, continuous evaluation, optimization, and regulation are the result.

This monitoring strategy is a continuation of the automation concept that toom Baumarkt developed with WAGO project marketing. The primary and subordinate meters for all consumers communicate via M-bus. The data detected include the energy used by the shelving, roof, exterior, and garden center lighting, the amount of heat, as well as water and irrigation water. Monitoring of system technical parameters like temperatures, ambient air quality, and switching status provides a deeper insight into the technical interplay of the individual sections.

Three PERSPECTO® CP 121 Control Panels with target visualization, which are installed at the information center, in the garden center, and in the manager’s office, provide on site access to the building systems. In addition, all information can be viewed over the Internet via the energy management portal, which runs on a classic Web server, and can be released specifically to third parties – for example to service technicians. Due to the transparency of the data, which is always available, the entire system can be regulated towards a constant optimum. “The platform independence and openness was quite important to our decision to equip all toom Baumarkt home improvement centers according to this model.” Müller emphasizes, “That is probably not possible on a one-to-one mapping, due to the fact that circumstances are always different between stores; however, we have Nieder-Olm as a flagship project to guide us in achieving our goal of 30% energy savings.”

Everywhere, where things are a bit tricky, where feasibilities need to be examined or individual desires implemented, the project management at WAGO is available for support. “That was also the concept for our M-bus meter,” Müller remembers, “to enable clear identification of each meter, we wanted to access the secondary ID instead of the primary ID. The necessary adjustments to the CODESYS function blocks and all affected configurations were quickly implemented. When you are working on outstanding projects like this, it just makes it more fun to work with professional partners.”


  • The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM provides the foundation for energy savings of up to 30%
  • WAGO project management develops a new monitoring strategy with toom
  • Comfortable operation and visualization of building systems using PERSPECTO®.

Text: Jörg Gruner, WAGO
Photo: toom Baumarkt, Sven Hofmann/vor-ort-foto.de, WAGO

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