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Oct 1, 2013 - Building

Wire And Vertical Jumpers For TOPJOB® S And X-COM® S MINI

Vertical and horizontal potential multiplication – via double-deck vertical jumper and push-in type wire jumpers.

WAGO’s portfolio of jumpers continues to expand: Double-deck vertical jumpers and push-in type wire jumpers join both the TOPJOB® S 2000 Series and X-COM® S MINI 2020 Series. WAGO’s 2000-492 Vertical Jumper vertically commons both levels of a double-deck terminal block. The vertical jumper has a rated voltage of 500 V and a maximum nominal current of 13.5 A. WAGO’s push-in type wire jumpers provide potential multiplication over several DIN-rail terminal blocks. These jumpers are available in three lengths: 60 mm (2009-402), 110 mm (2009-404) and 250 mm (2009-406). For 0.75 mm2 (AWG 18) conductors, the rated voltage is 800 V and the maximum nominal current is 9 A.

WAGO’s TOPJOB® S DIN-rail terminal block range features different jumper systems and provides any commoning possibilities: push-in type jumper bars for the standard connection of different DIN-rail terminal blocks, staggered jumpers for commoning different potentials in a single jumper slot, adjacent jumpers for continuous commoning of one potential in a single jumper slot, step-down jumpers for combining different cross sections, vertical jumpers for the potential multiplication over several levels in a DIN-rail terminal block, wire jumpers for the individual connection of potentials with different spacing and heights.

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