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Mar 1, 2013 - Building

Compact Spicing Connectors For Electrical Installations – Certified "Maintenance-Free"

Compact splicing connectors are commonly used in electrical installations for connecting wires with one another. Compact splicing connectors that employ Spring Pressure Connection Technology, i.e., connectors which do not require the use of any tools, can be installed extremely quickly. Connections implemented in this manner are pernament and stable. WAGO’s 222 Series Compact Splicing Connectors are the first in the world to be certified according to the British Standard BS 5733 mf as maintenance-free.

The 222 Series is the first choice among many installers when it comes to implementing reliable electrical connections easily and quickly. One of the major advantages of the 222 Series is that finestranded wires can also be connected without first having to prepare the wire ends, meaning that soldering or crimping on of ferrules is not required. This saves quite a bit a time in practical use.

High Degree of Reliability during Installation and Operation

These compact connectors are well-suited for wire sizes up to 4 mm2 (AWG 12) and are designed for nominal currents up to 32 A. This enables these connectors to be used for wiring of low-voltage lighting, which normally carries a relatively high current. The 222 Series also offers 100% touch-proof protection, both during assembly and operation. As the wire insulation extends fairly deep into the connector, a minimum distance of 4 mm is always maintained between the exposed surface and live parts, reliably ruling out any risk to users.

The quality of electrical contact is also of vital importance for a compact connector. Depending on the amperage, poor contact, i.e., high resistance, can result in smoldering of the housing in a worst case scenario. The funneled wire entry hole of the 222 Series ensures that, even for fine-stranded wires, all single strands are inserted into the clamping unit, for a secure connection. Once the spring clamp has ensured proper contact, it is of course essential that this contact remain permanent. A number of factors, such as temperature fluctuations, relative humidity or aggressive industrial atmospheres, can have an impact on the contact. WAGO placed particular focus on these influences in the development of the 222 Series. This is why these connectors are constructed of high-quality and high-grade materials.

Maintenance-Free - Defined for the First Time in a Standard

Compact splicing connectors such as those of the 222 Series are subject to numerous standards requirements, such as the UL 486C and IEC 60998 series of standards. Requirements for maintenance-free electrical connections are defined in Great Britain in the BS 5733 standard. This specification of maintenance-free components is unique throughout the world. Since WAGO attached great importance to long-term connection stability in the development of the 222 Series, it was decided to conduct certification of the connectors according to the BS 5733 standard. Besides long-term electrical connection stability, this standard also describes other influences which electrical connections must withstand, such as vibrations, thermal loading and short-term overloading.

Certified as “Maintenance-Free” by Dekra to BS 5733

WAGO contracted the Dutch testing institute Dekra in Arnheim for the certification of the 222 Series, where tests as prescribed in the BS 5733 standard were conducted. This included testing of longterm stability, vibration resistance and behavior under overcurrent and thermal loading conditions. The 222 Series passed all of the tests with flying colors. Dekra has thus confirmed that the 222 Series meets the requirements set forth in the BS 5733 standard and that it is maintenance-free for the applications defined by the standard.

Certification of the 222 Series provides decisive benefits for installation. For example, the compact splicing connectors can now be used in locations that are not accessible for maintenance work on conclusion of installation, i.e., non-accessible locations. A typical example of this are the electrical installation locations in buildings that are subsequently plastered over or covered by wall paneling. The British BS 5733 standard only allows components that have “maintenance-free” certification to be used in such locations. Up to now, only soldered or crimped connections were permitted for use at these locations and these required a considerably greater amount of time for installation. Now, after certification of the 222 Series Compact Splicing Connectors, users can use these to easily and quickly install connectors for these types of installations.

Even though this standard is valid only for the British market, this certification demonstrates that the quality and level of reliability of WAGO’s 222 Series Compact Splicing Connectors are exceedingly high — something that users throughout the world can benefit from.


  • Suitable for all wire types
  • High degree of reliability during installation and operation
  • Certified "maintenance-free" based on BS 5733

Text: Andreas Brettschneider, WAGO
Photo: WAGO

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