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Oct 1, 2012 - Building

Insulation Resistance Measurement – Safest With TOPJOB® S

In practice, installation terminal blocks are used almost exclusively due to the normative requirement that a simple measurement of the insulation resistance must be possible for conductors with cross-sections of less than 10 mm2 without branching off the neutral conductor. Here the neutral conductor is disconnected using an integrated mechanical device.

The new 2003 Series installation terminal blocks in WAGO’s TOPJOB® S rail-mounted terminal block system offer such an internal disconnection possibility on the upper terminal level in the form of a disconnecting blade. Especially for insulation resistance measurement, WAGO has developed an accessory component which, in connection with the installation terminal block, offers electricians special added value: the new N/L test adapter combines the two active conductors N and L, thus automatically guaranteeing the safe measurement required by DIN VDE 0100-600 and a quick testing procedure. The procedure is actually very easy: first L is disconnected from the circuit breaker and N from the disconnecting blade. Then the N/L test adapter is plugged into the now-free chamber of the installation terminal block where the disconnecting blade was inserted previously. The switched-off L and N are connected in this moment and thus all connected devices are protected against the high test voltage.

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