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Oct 1, 2012 - Building

Sure Supply With WINSTA®

A rigid schedule: In the French city of Metz, the deadlines for completion of the new hospital are tightly spaced. The project construction supervisor Pertuy Construction and the installation company Socom chose the WAGO WINSTA® pluggable connection system for power distribution in the individual rooms. Pluggable installation and seamless logistics proved to be the key factors for success for this construction project.

A new hospital, based on a thoroughly thought-through concept, is being built in the south-west of the city of Metz on the site of the Mercy palace: An architecturally consistent unit, consisting of several room levels with adjoining and additional special areas. With a capacity of 519 beds and 65 common rooms, this hospital (NHM) will be built around five special medical departments.

Pertuy Construction and Socom

The contract for planning and construction was signed in June 2006 between NHM and the Pertuy Construction corporate group, a subsidiary of Bouygues Immobilier, with an agreed completion date of construction scheduled for the end of 2011. Pertuy Construction contracted the Socom company from Luxembourg for electrical work. The core task of Socom was to mobilize the necessary resources to ensure that the electrical supply systems could be implemented in record time.

Expansive Job Site

Socom proposed using the WAGO WINSTA® pluggable connection system to the construction project supervisor to keep within the extremely tight time schedule. The decisive factor in choosing WINSTA® was the enormous time savings that this system offers during installation. Added to this is the fact that the pluggable connection system offered by WAGO is equipped with coding keys, which minimizes wiring errors. WINSTA® is also easy to install and can therefore be installed by electricians not familiar with this type of wiring.

Although Socom was already familiar with the WAGO pluggable connection system, it did not initially want to be bound by the set deadlines, as it had never used this system on such a large-scale construction site, in contrast to the construction project supervisor. Socom therefore first tested the WINSTA® solution in advance in a smaller construction project before committing to it for this grand project: The results were convincing and attested to WAGO’s production and logistics capacities.

The headquarters and operations of the WAGO branch office in France are located in Tremblay-en-France, near Roissy. An officer was designated at this office to act as the point of contact between the installation company, the development department at WAGO and the company at which the WINSTA® system lines and cables are assembled.

Logistical Advantage

Nearly 32 tons of WINSTA® lines and cables were required for the electrical equipment in the rooms and hallways of the new NHM. The components were delivered “just in time” to the appropriate areas of the construction site. To ensure that this process ran smoothly, the planners specified that each box must be labeled with detailed information about the product it contained and about its precise target destination at the job site. Delivery was then made in stages, corresponding to the construction progress at the job site.

WAGO Tailor-Made Distribution Panels

WAGO was also contracted to supply distribution panels for the individual rooms which had to be particularly compact with tailormade dimensions for the limited space available. One distribution panel, including the protection equipment, lighting, sun blinds, power distribution and the associated power supply for the cable ducts at the head of the beds, is required for each two to three rooms. These are also equipped with TOPJOB® S 2002 Series rail-mounted terminal blocks for building automation. These completely maintenance-free terminal strips come equipped with a screwless spring-clamp connecting mechanism and through terminal blocks for wire sizes ranging from 2.5 mm2 to 25 mm2.

Preassembly of the distribution panels by WAGO enables the WINSTA® connectors to be directly snapped on. If there ever is a defect, the distribution panels can be quickly changed out, as they are completely pluggable. The subdistribution board is connected to the distribution panels in the rooms and in the operating rooms, where a circuit breaker is required for each outlet, in a fully classic fashion.

WAGO supplied more than 143,000 products and more than 205,000 meters of cable for power supply for 200 distribution panels for a total of 400 rooms to the hospital construction site. Up to now, not one single problem has occurred during installation or commissioning. “The extra costs for WINSTA® are very minor and were offset in a very short time through quick installation without any problems”, stresses Didier Rouyer, sales staff member at WAGO.


  • Enormous Time Savings Thanks to WINSTA® Puggable Connection System
  • Components delivered custom-tailored and "just in time" to the construction site.
  • WAGO Tailor-Made Distribution Panels

Text: Roland Kuschner, Electromagazine; WAGO
Photo: WAGO

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