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Oct 1, 2012 - Building

Hotel For The Young and Young At Heart

The most modern and highly automated hotel in Poland has been built in the old, historic section of Wroclaw. The PURO hotel is not only an unforgettable experience for guests, it provides unequaled comfort as well. The administrator also has complete control over all systems – even by remote access.

“PURO is a hotel of the future for the young and young at heart who are looking for something more than just your conventional hotel”, declares the hotel director Łukasz Piekarski not without a tone of pride. “Our idea from the very beginning was to build intelligent city hotels marked by a high degree of comfort at a reasonable price.” It was with this concept in mind that cost-intensive services, such as a pool, a spa or a restaurant, which guests can easily find near the hotel, were foregone. Instead, our rooms were furnished with highquality conveniences, among other things with 40-inch LED flat panel TVs and with ultra-modern automation technology.

Reflecting Guests’ Needs and Moods

A multi-function touch panel is installed in each of the 102 rooms, with the NetVizLite control system software that allows guests to set their room parameters according to their particular needs and mood. Using this touch panel, guests can select the type, intensity and color of the lighting in the room, set the room temperature and the underfloor heating system in the bathroom and can even check out of the hotel from their room. Wireless access to the Internet is also provided, along with free-of-charge telephone calls. A console is also provided on each bed for connection of electronic devices, such as notebooks, digital cameras or MP3 players.

Modern and Cost-Effective

“Cost-effective operations is also achieved, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology”, continues Łukasz Piekarski. Our hotel does not have a traditional reception desk, which also saves on personnel costs. Guests reserve their stay at the hotel on the Internet and register at the check-in terminals in the main lobby on their arrival, where they also obtain their access cards. Motion detectors are installed in all areas for switching on the lights automatically. Presence detectors are installed in all of the rooms for switching off devices when the rooms are vacant.

Using WAGO Automation Technology

“When the investor proposed this concept for a modern and intelligent building, I immediately thought of WAGO”, states Dariusz Stolarczyk from the iHMS Systemintegration company in Bialystok. “The decision to use WAGO technology was made on the basis of the excellent experience gained from earlier projects and the company’s wide range of products for automation and connecting technology.” Other important and decisive factors in discussions with the investor for choosing WAGO were the modular design of the system, the price and the company’s presence on the Polish market.

The integrated Building Management System (BMS), which consists of the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 with programmable KNX 750-849 controllers and analog and digital I/O modules monitors all the installations in the building. Each of the 102 rooms is equipped with an individual WAGO controller assigned only to that particular room which also handles communication with the touch panel and control of the room functions. The 750-849 controllers are, nevertheless, independent programmable controllers within the framework of the overall automation system. This has the advantage that even when communication with the control center or with other controllers is disrupted all systems can continue to run as normal, without guests noticing any difference.

Beyond being used in all of the hotel rooms, the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM was also installed for other areas of the building: Accommodated in a total of 14 power distribution boxes, the WAGO components control and monitor hallway lighting, the lighting for conference rooms, the lobby and exterior walls, as well as communication with the ventilation control centers, air-conditioning units, ice water units and the PA systems.

The electrical installation for the building, implemented by LUMEN from Wroclaw, also deserves particular attention. TOPJOB® S railmounted terminal blocks, EPSITRON® power supply units, relays and the WINSTA® connector system were used in the distribution cabinets. This solution allows for more rapid and smoother replacement: In the event of a fault, the entire cabinet is changed out, and not just individual elements, making re-commissioning of the control circuit a matter of only a few minutes.


  • Modular structure and possibility of expanding the system quickly
  • Quick and easy replacement of the distributor cabinet in the hotel room thanks to the WINSTA® pluggable connector system
  • Control of all room functions thanks to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM

Text: Jolanta Zaslawska, WAGO ELWAG

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