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Oct 1, 2012 - Building

Linect® On A Successful Course:
The Linect® lighting connection system has become a universal standard

Since the introduction of Linect® at Light + Building two years ago, this manufacturer-independent connection system for lighting installation has become an established standard. All across Europe, well-known manufacturers of built-in lights support this connection technology. Well-known suppliers of connector systems have also contributed to its success. WAGO has included WINSTA® connectors and lighting connectors with Linect® interfaces in its portfolio since 2010, and in the meantime, these have multiplied.

Pluggable connector systems as such are nothing new in electrical installation. Their strengths lie in enabling the easy, quick, and error-free installation of pre-assembled components and mechanically-coded plugs. Since in the past pluggable connection solutions in the lighting industry have always been manufacturer-specific and thus incompatible with one another, planning and procurement were difficult.

Advantages for all – planners, installers, and lighting manufacturers

Linect®’s success can be traced to the fact that it is an open system from which all involved parties profit. The planner has additional freedom to plan and planning safety because the installation technology is independent of the lighting selection and these can be bid out separately. For him, this simplifies all processes up to the bidding. The decision about which light type from which manufacturer will be used and whether the wiring should be conventional or wired with Linect® can even be put off until shortly before tenants move into the property. For even with Linect® lights, conventional wiring is possible.

Now the installer can select from among any Linect® connector systems and he is limited neither to a particular product nor to a manufacturer. Thanks to plug-and-play handling, he is in a position to perform installation and uninstallation work quickly. Here the fixed coding of the various functionalities such as network, DALI, and emergency light and the touch-proof components guarantee that this will be error-free. Linect® allows the replacement of defective lights during full operation.

These uniform connectors also provide lighting manufacturers with advantages. With the reduced variety of quickly-available finished lights that they must stock, the efficiency of their mechanical engineering, production, and storage processes also increases. In production, for example, Linect®’s uniform plate cut-outs simplify matters. Standardization also pays off in purchasing, for on the one hand fewer components are required, and on the other there are various suppliers on the manufacturing side.

WINSTA® pluggable connection system offers variety, safety, and easy handling

This is why the Linect® connection system has found many adherents on all sides in the past two years. Among the lighting manufacturers who offer the system internationally are well-known companies such as Fagerhult, Glamox, Luxo, Regiolux, Ridi, Siteco, Thorn, Trilux, and Zumtobel. They have a broad selection of lights for various light sources including LEDs in their standard product lines. With respect to connection types, installers can choose to wire Linect® lights in the conventional manner directly to the lighting connectors, to wire them conventionally using pluggable lighting connectors or using pluggable connection systems such as WAGO’s WINSTA®.

Today WAGO offers an extensive product line for all installation tasks that ranges from lighting connectors to connectors to appropriately- assembled lines. The WINSTA® pluggable connection system forms the electrical interface from power supply and distribution to electrical loads, including data processing. Here WINSTA® distinguishes itself especially through its high current carrying capacity, thus offering the user maximum safety. The varied and innovative selection of accessories makes installation easier. With Winsta® components lighting systems can be networked in distributed fashion across a building complex and laid in raised floors, in ceilings, and in cable ducts.

Text: Stephan Albrecht, WAGO
Photo: WAGO

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