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Oct 1, 2012 - Building

Denmark: A Kingdom for Culture

The cultural significance of Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, is steadily increasing. In March 2012, the new Multicultural Center Godsbanen, near the internationally renowned ARoS art museum, was officially inaugurated.

The new multicultural center is housed in the old buildings of the freight station in Aarhus - which explains the Danish name of the center “Godsbanen.” Due to monument preservation laws currently in force, which state that no structural changes are allowed to be made to the existing buildings, final completion of this project was no easy task. The solution that was ultimately chosen to resolve this problem was to construct a new building inside the old ones. This made the technical challenges faced by this project all the more difficult.

The buildings consist of a main section with four floors and two side wings. A new secondary building of modern design was constructed inside these original side wings. The Multicultural Center is a combination of an older, traditional and a very modernly sculptured building. A large auditorium is provided in one of the side wings for concerts. The other side wing contains workshops for wood, metal, glass and ceramics, photography and graphics and a number of small rooms, which can be furnished and rented to clubs and special groups when needed.

The new secondary building houses two large theater auditoriums (black boxes), common areas, a cafeteria and a dining area. The old four-story main building now accommodates a number of conference rooms, administration and other areas.

WAGO Distribution Boxes with KNX Controllers

Ten WAGO distribution boxes with KNX 750-849 controllers were installed in the Godsbanen Multicultural Center; these components control and regulate the lighting, ventilation and heating systems. The lighting was implemented with DALI ECGs, ventilation with VAV throttle valves at 0‒10 V each and heating using thermal actuators. All of the sensors, including those for lighting and heating, temperature and CO2 control and for presence detection, are also KNX-type sensors. The signals for the window contacts of the anti-theft system are transmitted via Modbus IP and are also used by the heating and ventilation systems.

All of the technical functions of the building are linked to a common Building Management System (BMS), at which all the data for the technical installations can be read, energy data for around 100 energy meters collected and new setting points configured. The 12 ventilation units and heating supply for the building are also linked to this user interface. Comfort and energy consumption were given equal consideration in programming of the building functions.

Assistance by WAGO Solution Providers

WAGO Denmark carried out installation in the Godsbanen Multicultural Center together with the two solution providers EL:CON A/S and IOWITECH. WAGO and EL:CON A/S were involved in the project as early as the preliminary planning phase. In close cooperation, the distribution box solution was elaborated, the project accompanied over the entire construction phase and correct execution of work monitored. SCADA (BMS) was conducted by Lars Wiese from IOWITECH. He developed the user interface for the BMS and then also dealt with start-up of the system.

Ongoing contact was maintained between all the partners involved over the entire project period – from planning to final completion – to achieve the best possible results.


  • Perfect room solutions
  • Space saving
  • Designed for the future

Text: Ingolf Pennerup, WAGO Denmark
Photo: WAGO

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