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Oct 1, 2012 - Building

Belgium: DALI and KNX in the "COMB"

The highly impressive KAM building is located near the central train station in Bruges, directly next to platform 10. No fewer than nine Federal Offices have their official place of business in this building, which, when viewed from above, resembles a large comb. The KAM building, with its four stories and its 350m-long, transparent facades and its long, extended elements absorbs a great deal of sunlight.

The lighting concept for the building also takes daylight into account to ensure a constant level of light intensity. This is provided by 16mm-wide fluorescent tubes, which are addressed via a DALI bus and KNX presence detectors with integrated light meters. These functions are assisted by the use of KNX multi-function buttons in the conference rooms.

The individual DALI and KNX buses are coupled to a high-speed IP network in this expansive building. This link is achieved using WAGO KNX IP controllers, which act as routers for the KNX telegrams and as gateways for the DALI signals. Other types of fieldbus, besides the KNX and DALI buses, can also be linked to the KNX IP controllers, such as M-Bus, AS-i or MODBUS.

The IP backbone also offers a link to target visualization. WAGO provided an extremely high-performance interface for lighting management: an IPC. Thanks to its flexibility, its mass storage capacity, its speed and its integrated Web technology, this mini-computer enables lighting management to be performed from any spot on the globe. Operators can connect to their system without any restrictions via the Internet and check the status of all of the KNX devices and components. A total of 125 KNX IP controllers monitor the roughly 250 DALI lines that are installed, and around one hundred KNX twisted pair lines are used for the presence detectors and multi-function buttons. All data is collected by five IPCs and made available for building management.


  • Combination of constant light control and presence detection decreases energy consumption
  • Efficient maintenance thanks to individual ballast monitoring.
  • 1 central management tool for the lighting - the WAGO-I/O-IPC

Text: Daevy Vanstaen, Domotic Lounge (WAGO Solution Provider)
Photo: Domotic Lounge

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