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New Strain Relief Plates with Locking Clip

For sheathed cables, flat cables and individual conductors: The two optimized strain relief plates can be snapped into place after installation and are easy to use.

Strain relief is prescribed by the pertinent standards for lighting fixture connections with fine-stranded conductors. WAGO has now optimized the strain relief plates for the 2- to 7-pole power supply connectors of the 294 and 294 Linect® Series: The locking clips of these two new components are now directly connected to the strain relief plate by flexible links, ensuring that items stay put during transport and that all components are there when and where you need them for installation.

The strain relief plate for sheathed cables (294-364) is designed for lines with an outer diameter of 5.2 mm to 12 mm. The strain relief plates for flat cables and individual conductors (294-384) can be used with at least three 0.5 mm2 conductors, with a maximum of five 2.5 mm2 conductors, or for up to seven 1.5 mm2 conductors. All of the strain relief plates for the WAGO 294 and 294 Linect® Series Power Supply Connectors can be retro-fitted by just snapping them in place. This will considerably simplify and, ultimately, optimize the costs of the production process for lights.

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