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Compact and Communicative: EPSITRON® Electronic Circuit Breakers

WAGO adds components with extended current ranges to its portfolio of electronic circuit breakers.

The new electronic circuit breakers are now available with two, four and eight outputs in current ranges between 0.5 to 6 A, 1 to 6 A and 2 to 10 A. The nominal output current can be adjusted for each channel in six levels using a rotary switch. The switch-on capacity is more than 50,000 microfarad. The eight-channel EPSITRON® components (787-1668) have a mere width of 42 mm, and the versions with two and four channels (787-1662 und 787-1664) only 45 mm. All of the new electronic circuit breakers can be marked both with marking strips as well as with the WMB and WMB Inline markers.

Resetting of tripped channels and switching on/off of any number of channels can be carried out via a remote input. Use as an electronic relay that can simply switch the load through the control system is also possible thanks to this communication interface. The potential applications of the EPSITRON® circuit breakers are truly multi-faceted: As secondary fuse protection, for example, they are the first choice when safety fuses or line circuit breakers cannot be used owing to long line lengths or small conductor cross sections. Machine and equipment manufacturers, on the other hand, frequently use electronic circuit breakers to reliably neutralize a ground fault in the control circuit within a defined time period according to EN 60204. Electronic circuit breakers are often chosen over safety fuses for equipment protection on account of their high level of accuracy.

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