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JUMPFLEX® Transducers – Continued Consistent Development

WAGO has again set the standard for user friendliness, flexibility and compatibility in interface electronic with its new JUMPFLEX® 2857 Series.

The new 2857 Series JUMPFLEX® transducers are designed with a uniform contour design that is also compatible to the existing 857 Series. Commoning of the power supply for all widths made possible by this design saves you the time and effort of wiring each single component. The 2857 Series JUMPFLEX® is designed for an expanded temperature range of -25 to +70 degrees Celsius. Marking strips and WMB and WMB Inline markers can be used for marking the transducers, and the individual connecting clamps can be marked using the Micro-WSB marking system.

Users can also freely select a configuration option. Besides DIP switches, software for the PC and an app for smartphones, the newly developed display is also a special feature of these devices. This removable display can be quickly and easily attached to the housing and comes equipped with a capacitive touch panel for intuitive configuration of the devices. The display is multi-colored and switches between the different colors, such as orange, red, green or white to show the current status. Integrated features, such as the copying function, can also be used to transfer saved configuration data of one device to other devices of the same type. Passwords can be assigned here to protect the configured data from unauthorized access or manipulation.

The new JUMPFLEX® 2857 Series initially starts with a current transformer (AC/DC 100 A), an isolating amp and two temperature limit switches that transfer the signals from PT sensors or thermocouples to a relay. All of the devices can be set for the most varying applications using all the configuration options.

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